How to Cancel Order in Lenskart?

If you have done any purchasing from Lenskart and now want to cancel the purchase for whatever reason but do not know how to Cancel Order in Lenskart, you have come to the right spot. This information will be provided.

Actually, some individuals place orders on Lenskart, but if they need to cancel in the midst, they run into a slew of issues. If your order is not being cancelled, please stay connected with us to learn about the procedure in this page.

How to Cancel Order in Lenskart?

Friends, if you have the same question about How to Cancel Purchase in Lenskart, then we will answer it by the procedures mentioned below, but first remind you that there is no online process if you want to cancel the order on Lenskart.

You may only cancel an order on Lenskart by calling the Lenskart hotline number. Let me go over it in more detail later.

Let us tell you that if you purchased something from anyone and now want to cancel it because you did not receive it, you must notify us by commenting, and we will explain the process to you. Follow us to get more information like this.

How Can I Cancel an Order on Lenskart?

  • To begin, dial Lenskart Helpline No. +919999899998 from your registered phone number.
  • When you call, it will ask you various questions, among which you must select 2nd.
  • After that, your conversation with customer service will be completed.
  • You may now communicate with them directly in your own language.
  • If you provide them the information they need, your order will be cancelled.

Similarly, you may effortlessly cancel your Lenskart order from your phone.


In this essay, we discussed how to cancel an order done on Lenskart. This is the simplest method, as described in today’s post.

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